As an undergraduate I completed research into the temporal and spatial ecology of small cetaceans off the Cornish coast. However since then, my research has mainly focused on bats; as a Master student I looked into the effects of woodland management strategies on bat activity, and subsequently worked as a research technician developing a tool for the standardised, evidence-based interpretation and contextualisation of bat activity, Ecobat.


This work on Ecobat led to the publication of an academic paper in the journal Ecology and Evolution, on which I was a co-first author.



Lintott, P.R., Davison, S., Breda, J., Kubasiewicz, L., Dowse, D., Daisley, J., Haddy, E. and Mathews, F. (2017) Ecobat: An online resource to facilitate transparent, evidence‐based interpretation of bat activity dataEcology and Evolution.