3rd Year Now

Hello! I have been somewhat quiet of late…a busy summer of driving lessons, volunteering with the Wildlife Trust and going to the gym is to blame for that…and now I am in my third year of university and the work is piling up…

This is quite a scary time because now we have to think about what the hell are we going to do with our lives? Do I want to do a Masters? If so, where? A PhD? Get a job? Another UG degree? Live in Cornwall, move back home, or somewhere else entirely? And we’re supposed to decide all this whilst also somehow juggling modules which are very work heavy (a lot of scientific paper reading, and I have a presentation to do tomorrow which I am stressed to high heaven about) and working on our research projects…

It has been an interesting start to the term, though. The start of second year was reasonably organised, we had been in our house for two weeks before term started (albeit without internet) so we were settled in and ready to go. We knew what modules we were doing, where to go and when. The start of third year has been nothing like that. I arrived two days before the start of term, although we are living in the same house so there is little settling in to do. Hardly anyone knew what was going on with anything…timetables were changing or wrong, no-one knew what module was what, where they had to be or when…no-one had a clue what was going on with their research projects, although somehow we had to complete and submit risk assessments and preliminary plans…fortunately, mostly our lecturers have spared us the scary talks, going on the basis that we already know what a huge year this is. And there is, of course, the trip to South Africa in January to look forward to.

And I joined a tonne of societies this year. I struggled a lot with loneliness last year, on top of everything else, I didn’t do many societies last year and so wasn’t too busy. This year though…badminton, swimming, High Tea, Ecosoc, VegSoc, Labour Society, WildDocSoc, and a Quidditch Club! Which is fab. I’m going for an Astronomy lesson on Wednesday after cupcake decorating with the High Tea Society…next Friday is the Sorting Ceremony, at the end of term we’re having a Yule Ball, and at the end of the year, they’re running a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Leavesden Studios which will be FAB! Very excited about that. As well, of course, as playing Muggle Quidditch. Who knew there was a 118-page rule book?!?

So…busy busy! And of course, a Bat Care day. I will try and post pictures from some of the above things if I get chance…

In the mean time, if anyone has LinkedIn…feel free to add me! Our university is big on networking, and one of the assessments for one of my modules will be an assessment of how good our LinkedIn pages are…I’m trying really hard with mine, so if you have any suggestions, or are happy to add me, please please go ahead!! My page can be found HERE 🙂

Thank you!


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