Kittens on Demand

You may or may not have heard of The Kitten Cam. There is a man in Seattle, WA, USA, who fosters litters of kittens who were born to stray mothers and brought to a shelter. He takes care of the kittens and their mother until they are old enough to be adopted.

Originally, John Bartlett, or Foster Dad John, as he is known, bought a webcam and set it up so he could keep an eye on the kittens and make sure they were alright without having to constantly be in the room with them. Then he came upon the idea of putting the kitten cam online for the public to see.

John uses the website Livestream to stream the Kitten Cam 24/7 for the duration of their stay with him.

So far, I have seen 3 litters of kittens be raised and eventually adopted: The Spice Kittens (who were being fostered when I came across the Kitten Cam), Ripley’s Kittens, and The Cosmo Kittens. Currently, I am on my 4th litter that I have watched: The Mythbuster Kittens. Born on March 8th, they barely have fur yet and have not opened their eyes.

They are ADORABLE.

So for anyone who wants to see/find out more, here the links…

It is worth adding that other fosterers have been inspired by John, and links to their livestreams can be found over on the facebook page.


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