Do You Ever Feel

This started off in my head as a poem as I tried to digest what I was feeling. But then gradually it turned into something else. It seems bizarrely positive for my current frame of mind, and actually may end up describing something that I feel the opposite about just at the moment. But here it is anyway.


Do you ever feel unimportant?

Do you ever feel like the world would not change without you? That you are insignificant?

The truth is, in the grand scheme of things, we are all of us insignificant. It is very easy to get caught up in the transience, the meaninglessness of life.

In order to get through, you have to look at the smaller picture. You have to focus on the details.

You are significant to someone. Everyone is important to someone. Even if you don’t think it. You matter.

Sometimes it feels like no-one would care if you lived or died. Someone always will. There is always hope. There is always someone.


I guess this came out of the fact that it’s easy to give others advice without seeing that we are the ones that really need it ourselves. I will always be quick to comfort, to console, to care for others, but struggle to believe that anyone other than my parents could actually think me at all important. It is a flaw, I know. Maybe recognising it is the first step to doing to something about it. But there it is. It is very difficult, when you are unhappy, to not believe you are bother to someone by asking for help, that you are not being a nuisance. But I guess the truth is that if someone truly found you bothersome, they would not put up with you for long. If they did not care, they would not stick it out.

But sometimes it can be hard to see that.


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